Butternut Squash are in the ground

I can’t believe how quickly the butternut squash seeds germinated and then grew into 6 inch seedlings. They started appearing out of the seed compost only 2 weeks ago (in a propogator) and then just grew and grew and grew.

So, today I planted them into the smaller of my two vegetable beds. As directed on the seed packet they are 90 cm apart and will be covered in fleece for the next 2-3 weeks.

Butternut squash seeds have germinated

Woop woop, the butternut squash seeds are first up in the propogator. Pathetic really, but I think it’s exciting. Now, will it be chilli or pepper next?

Butter squash seeds have germinated

Butter squash seeds have germinated

Mowing in February

We’ve had such a mild spell that I actually went out and have the lawn a trim (mower blade on the highest setting) on the 26th February. I’ve never mown that early in the year but it’s nice to have it looking  a bit tidier now that it’s done.

See you again in April mower.

Early vegetable seeds planted

Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash

Sunday 26th February – I planted Butternut Squash (Harrier), Chilli (Chenzo) and Sweet Peppers (Yummy) today. This is the first time that I’ve grown any of these so fingers crossed. All were planted into seed compost under a propogator and will be kept inside until later in the spring.



Growing tips for each:

Butternut squash          Chillis          Peppers

Planting the garlic

Solent White Garlic

Solent White Garlic

19th Feb 2012: Now that the ground has defrosted, I finally planted the garlic this afternoon.

I’m growing Solent Wight and (as usual) bought the garlic from The Garlic Farm. I used just two bulbs which split into approximately 20 cloves, so hopefully we’ll get 20 healthy garlic plants.

I’ve grown garlic several times and once it’s in the ground it’s usually just a matter of sitting back and waiting until late summer when the foliage goes brown and wilts (at which point it’s time to pull it out of the ground). Unfortunately last year the entire crop was wiped out by ‘rust‘ which is an air born fungus. In case the rust has left spors in the soil I’ve planted the new crop in a different bed.

Update 17th March 2012: The garlic is coming along nicely, several inches above the soil now. Fingers crossed.

Hello world!

Welcome. This blog is a ‘gardening diary’, written for my own benefit rather than an intended audience. However, if you do stumble across it and find it useful or interesting then that’s a bonus isn’t it.

The fact is I’m not a good gardener – some years things just seen to work, but then the next year everything fails. So, here we are in February 2012 at the start of the vegetable planing season and my intention is that I’m going to keep a gardening diary including what I plant, when I plant it, what I plant it in and (of course) how well it works. Perhaps (if I keep it up) I’ll look back on the diary next year and learn from my mistakes.